Second Song In Renoise

New track after my harddrive crashed


As always feedback always appreciated… I say a couple more hours on this tune then I would consider it finished. Big ups to the Renoise community , this has been a pleasure lurking on the forums.


Nice modulations, dig the flow here! Could use some work on the mix
(more basssssssssss!) and perhaps some more delicate/subtleness
in the structure, but the beat and bass are already really ‘cooperating’
to create the groove.

Nice work cap!

cool. is that you talking? :)

Nice work :)

hahahah! Nioce!!
dig the use of the Taken sample!
Mean Tune!

Thanks guys…Really 'preciate. it

like this alot, lots of nice sounds an programming here

could possibly have a little more variation in the second half, and maybe a little more work on the mix so the bass sounds aren’t fighting over the same frequencies; but these are minor criticisms, this is solid work and i could definitely here it fit nicely into a mix

really nice, i liek the nice squelchy bass there, delay on the snare is dead on too

Cool!!! I love it!

Definitely I need a good subwoofer! :D