Security Flaw In Winamp 5.12

Thought somebody wanted to know this :)

good thing i dont use playlists :)

Good thing I don’t use WinAmp. And this isn’t actually related to the bug. :lol:

The playlist bug is especially important when you open PLS-Streams like shoutcast.

good thing i use a variant of winamp 2

Man… I’m getting so sick and tired of having to worry about computer security ALL the time…

To all makers of viruses, worms, trojans or whatever and to those who actually take advantage of security flaws like this… I hate you with all of my heart and I wish you would all go f**** yourself. I honestly do.

Here’s the script:

So if you don’t trust a playlist, download it first and check it out in an editor.

Well, those things have never been problems because in the “good old times” only LAN-Administrators where bugged through stuff like this.

Now, that we have the WWW with people online most of the day, we “as users” have to be more careful.

I am also not a “fan” of finding exploits but on the other hand those worms and trojans are good for advancing stuff.

Btw: That is mostly the reason I do not want to have Renoise with Net-functions ;)