Seeing The Value For Automation Points

Currently in automation panel you can’t recognize the exact value of the automation point in vertical axis, you must adjust it approximately using the grid or use some other tricks to adjust it to a precise value. I think it would be very helpful if renoise users can see the exact value of the automation points when dragging them vertically.

(I didn’t search if there is a same suggestion in the forum, I apologize if this is repeated before) :)

try pressing ctrl when hovering mouse over an automation point ;)

Of course ot would be even nicer to see the value when adjusting the point with arrows and when moving the cursor with arrows on the point.

Oh thanks, I hadn’t consider this feature. :)

Yeah I agree. In Logic on the PC (years ago now) you can see the exact values as you move ther curves (which were EXCELLENT to work with as it happens. They were like the curves in Adobe Premiere Pro)

still, i would like to be able to set the exact value with two edit boxes: one for row number, and one for point value

Me too. The only problem is to find a good UI solution for this. This needs some kind of a selection for a point. The current time based selection is not suitable for this purpose, or?

I think being able to set only the value parameter would help, users can scroll the pattern to the line they want to add an automation point, and then enter the value for the point in a simple text field and press enter. It may be easy to develop but useful. :)

You mean using the current patternline as a “selection” for the to be adjusted value? Works fine when the pattern editor is visible but you can also hide it when editing automations. Also this wont work while playing…

What about SHIFT + Click on a point opens a little dialog or a floating textbox next the point?

yes, I’ve thought about a dialog, and probably have also written about this in the past.

not the most elegant solution really, but it would just serve the needs.

this should not be restricted to a point in my opinion: shift-clicking everywhere on a curve could open a dialog which could let you specify the row number and the value for a point. if at that row a value already exist, it will be overwritten, created otherwise.

As soon as one clicks, a point is currently created anyway, maybe the row box could contain the row one has clicked as default value but leaves the possibility to change the value.

Gets my vote.

this suggestion would fainally make the pitch envelope useful to me. My vote is in!

This is how I’d like the automation points to behave:

Left click - Same as it is now

Left click and drag - Same as now but with value tooltip

Right click - popup dialog box for value only, right click cannot move points

Right click and drag - nothing

Middle click and drag - [i]Drag through time only

  • this will allow you to move the timing of points without messing up their value
  • would also be nice if you could drag a point through time beyond another point[/i]

Anyone agree?

I like your idea, though I would use right click instead of middle click: not everyone have 3 mouse buttons, and some Mac users even have only one!

This one would be very useful, it’s not very easy to drag the points horizontally without messing up their value.

Now the feature is added in the final release of renoise 1.8, thanks to the renoise team. :)