Seeking (paid) Renoise tutor

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Hello, I am a programmer/algorithmic composer, but so far I’ve done everything via python -> MuseScore. It’s time to invest in learning how to use a DAW, and renoise seems by far the most similar to my existing workflow with the existence of lua scripting as well.

Is anyone here willing to offer an hour on Zoom when it is convenient for you? I have always avoided user interfaces, so Renoise’s GUI is a little overwhelming, and there are a number of questions I already have that I can’t find an answer for. While this request may seem strange, given the prices of sample libraries, I feel that it’s worth investing in a good foundation.

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Hi Halley,
Yes, moving into Renoise can be hard even for the most seasoned DAW/GUI users.

Can you give us some more ideas of what kind of things you want to learn? So you can find the most appropriate tutor.

For example, I can tell you about how to navigate the GUI, do a few neat tricks but I couldn’t tell you anything about how to incorporate LUA scripts.

There is an excellent tutorial series on youtube. The beginner’s series covers the basics of Renoise use. Worth watching, if you haven’t already. That is how I learned how to use Renoise anyway.

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i’d offer you an hour in renoise for free, screensharing via skype if that’s what you’re after :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your kind offers!

It would be amazing hypothetically to talk to Lua developers, but I’m at the point where a walk through the GUI would also be extremely helpful. I also am new to DAW’s in general (I’ve stuck with notation editors), so in addition to “where do I change the EQ”, it would be nice for someone to briefly sketch out their personal chain of working from inputting/importing midi to the final product in Renoise, although for this there is more information on the internet.

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If you want - add me via skype and i’ll help you in any subject renoise and production wise (except LUA realm)