Sega Fm Drive Vst In January 2013

I just found this and its going to be available in january 2013 so who is getting it ?

Looks interesting! Being the only kid in the neighborhood that had a Genesis instead of a Nintendo…it’s nice to see a synth that emulates the old Yamaha FM chip, instead of the more typical NES style sounds.


Am I correct in thinking this is just a ym2612 (OPN2) emulating vst?

If you want to try something like this now then ym2612vst is free (although, with a less polished interface). Seems to be Windows only at the moment.

There is also VOPM, which emulates the ym2151 (OPM chip) on Mac / Linux / Windows.

I would like to get it. I hope it’s only 20 dollars.

You could also try to toy around with MDA Dx10
I was more fond of the OPL chip series, with the right tricks you could make some less rough (and cool sounding) sounds with the chip as well.
There is also Uno FM if you like, but that is a synthedit mod.

I would definitely not shell out big bucks for a 2612 emulator.

The Genesis had an FM synth? Whoa!

All depends on the presets (and price)

Well,if it has a tremendously amount of parameters that you can adjust, you may be able to create some nice sounds with it, it depends on how you can route the patches, usually being able to route / link OSC patches in any combination you desire is the luxury that makes it worth its money.