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Not sure if this is the right place for this post or if I should post this in tool section.

It is merely an idea as I am aware I am wishing for someone else to code this as I am having a hard enough time focusing on completing new tracks to add scripting to my workload.

It should be pretty easy though I think.

I usually make individual patterns, then combine into one large pattern to make my tracks neater.

So I have to manually select the entire pattern with the mouse to copy and paste…

I am aware you can select the entire pattern in advanced edit, however, the new pattern always takes on the length of the old one, thus rendering this feature useless for my intent.

ie…I paste a pattern w a length of 64 to a pattern of 256, the 256 pattern becomes a 64…

If others have the same issue maybe this would be a desirable project for someone, or if I am missing a solution or tool that already does this pls lemme know thx.

ps…ctrl f3, ctrl f5 also unsuitable…

@Tarek-FM: if you want this in a tool, i think you should’ve posted it in the Tools subforum. maybe a moderator can move it for you.

i know your problem, and i agree that i’d like a solution for it. i do have a ‘hack’ for doing this, that makes it a bit easier to select a entire pattern:

  • click+hold line 1
  • scroll up on your mousewheel
  • Renoise will ‘wrap’ the pattern, ie. move around to the bottom

this way you will not have to click+drag all the way from line 1 to line 64/128/whatever.

you can already join patterns multiple patterns into 1 or are you talking about something else?

Yes, thx I am sure you are right, I will ask a mod to change it for me.

Will try ur workaround, thx.

Well, tht sounds pretty similar…I mean i think its the same as wht I am talking about…not sure, how do you go about tht?

Highlight multiple patterns in the Sequence Editor (list to the left of the Matrix) Right Click -> Join.

Bloody hell, thts awesome man, cheers…

I am sure a select all tool will still be useful, so I will keep this thread alive unless popular opinion dictates otherwise…

Thx again man!! :walkman:


You know you can select all by hitting Ctrl+A?

Move to new pattern/position

Is that really so hard (if the Join above doesn’t help enough on its own.)

(hits himself on the head)

No not at all!!! I didn’t know about ctrl-a or Join!

I seriously need to learn more shortcuts, thx guys!!

This thread is officially dead!! No need for a tool, ctrl-a was what I was looking for!! :rolleyes:

what? i had no idea! goddamnit kazakore why do you know EVERY FCKN THING in Renoise? you make me feel like an idiot sometimes.

dont feel bad m8!! thts why i put in one of my status updates tht i barely know how to use Renoise!! :rolleyes:

Well, if you wander through the manual once in a while, you could learn a few things from there as well…
It sometimes really pays off to do that.

So right Vv!!! Gonna download it now…

well, i do that sometimes, but the nature of wandering is that you are never sure where you’ll end up, and as it turns out i never ended up in that particular place before. furthermore, to my disappointment i do not have a photographic memory, so i could read something and forget about it a day later.

I was frankly aiming for the moment when you desperately need a certain feature… If you are hassling with something in Renoise that you would die for a simpler solution, just read the section of the manual you are currently working with in Renoise and perhaps find the answer. It doesn’t require a photographic memory in that particular case ;)
Ofcourse you can always ask here.

I personally just find it a real pity to read when people are stating they have been muddling with ackward routines for so long as an accepted solution while a ready-to-use option was there to enlighten the workflow.
At least it is never a dumb move to ask here or express your frustrations about ackward routines, you might be saved from it quite quickly.

i agree, and the first thing i usually do when i cannot make something work or whatever is read through the tutorials.

personally, i don’t really perform the described actions (joining multiple patterns) very often. i do sometimes select the whole pattern with the ‘hack’ i mentioned above and think it is a nice way of doing it, even though there might be a faster solution.

It’s called weed, and i have that too, i think it’s contagious. ^_^

oh man i figured as much, but it takes a braver man than me to face that reality. i’ll just smoke some more and forget all about you ever saying that!