Select Boxes Still A Bit Hard To Use

A couple of years ago I wrote this suggestion:…ic=1489&hl=

The feature is implemented long time ago, but still there is a problem with it even in 1.8. The problem is that when you select a value you have to press enter, but then you loose focus on the select box again. It would be great if there where a way to change selection in a select box without loosing focus, just like you can in the native windows select boxes ;) A feature like this would make the life much more easy when you for example want to test instrument after instrument in a vst-instrument…

In 1.8 you can now at least scroll through the entries with the mousewheel, when the drop down is closed.

To be able to step with the keyboard without loosing focus will be even better, but this is ofcorse a welcomed step in the right direction ;) Thanks! :)