Select Multiple Fx For Copy/paste

Sorry if this is something requested before or if it’s already done in 1.9 (I didn’t have time to spend one minute with 1.9 yet unfortunately, need to finish some projects first).

I would like to be able to select chunks/multiple effects out of the FX-Chain for copy/paste (by selecting with shift or strg), not just one effect. This is especially useful if you have set up an effect which is modulated by one or more LFOs.

On a sidenote, I don’t know if this changed in 1.9, but when you copy a switched-on LFO and paste it on a track the LFO is still on and modulates some effect in that chain (using the effect/value settings from the chain it was copied from), which is not good. A pasted LFO should be switched off by default so you can adjust which value of which effect it actually modulates.