Select multiple non-consecutive cells?

Hi there

Just discovered this powerful and beautiful approach to music-making.

I’m working it all out slowly, but my first question is simple - how can I select multiple cells spread out over the pattern editor?

Normally, (on a mac) holding the Cmmd key while selecting the target keeps them all highlighted.

How does Renoise handle that?


It’s only possible to make one contiguous selection in the pattern editor.

You may be able to meet this need with the Edit Step feature?

I get a lot of mileage out of setting the Edit Step to a variety of intervals, allowing me to make changes all over the timeline very quickly.

While I’ll often “rough in” the kick drums every 4 lines, snares every 8, and hi hats every 2, I can then lengthen the edit step to 16 or 32 lines and go back to start adding interesting variations to the patterns (accents, one-off sounds, etc).

Not sure what exactly you’re trying to accomplish (and honestly, I’d like the ability to do exactly what you’re describing) but until that happens, give this trick a shot.

Thanks both.

The task I had in mind was to remove select notes spread out over the note editor, by trial, and other similar tasks. Or, copying and pasting a command value to select notes appearing in an inconsistent manner.

There is certainly a workaround.

Man, this is some piece of software I love it.