Select Multiple Sliders In Mixer View


sounds like a cool feature request if it can’t already be done… though I would want to be able to select sliders that were in different positions and slide them in relation to their previous positions, as opposed to having them all snap to the same volume :D

maybe its time to buy some controller

That would be very useful, especially in the final mix phase.
There’s space in the each mixer’s track just after the M and S buttons - next could be for example G (for Group) - by this button you could select the tracks to be grouped for volume adjustment. Then place a vertical slider after the S01 that will control the grouped tracks’ volumes.

And you will use your 10 fingers to move the sliders up or down on a controller? :wink: I doubt you can do it without destroying the proportions.

If it only goes for amplitude altering you can altering the volume of all tracks at the same time by just using the master slider :P

i would really like to do this on the 10band eq sometimes

It could’n be! :wink: It obvious be we’re not talking about adjusting ALL tracks here, but some of them.

Well, then use send-tracks to control some of them :P

It would be a solution but it’s not. Because when you assing a track to a send-track it’s volume will be only affected by the volume of send track and the track’s OWN post volume fader stops to function, only the pre volume is controllable but that’s a big difference. So to controll post volume of the track assigned to send you must use a gainer.
Doesn’t your tongue hurts? :wink:

Yes ,you are right.The only solution is ‘Select Multiple Sliders In Mixer View’.Controllers,busses and automation are not enough.

What’s your problem? I’m just discussing an idea that HaveSome wrote, and what’s your point? Do we all have to say something like “oh Renoise is so cool already don’t change anything in it!”? So wipe out whole Renoise 1.8 Discussion forum and everyone will shut up.

As you have noticed I have no problems,so continue your discussion.

I think CTRL+mouseclikkkk would do the trick…

Any comments Taktik?

Not yet done. (where yet can mean anything - sorry)