Select Note-column

A small idea of mine :

If I doubleclick above a column in the pattern editor (in the empty area where it either displays the previous pattern or a black space, depending on the settings) the row below that gets selected. The reason is simple : it is easy to select a whole track for editing (with the shift-end or alt-a shortcuts), but to select only a specific row I have to drag the mouse all through the pattern (unless I do miss something here).

edit : oh, okay. placing the cursor at the end of the pattern and pressing shift-alt-a does select the current row. still, this might be a good idea.

other useful shortcuts like the one you have found:

LCTRL+A = select whole pattern
LALT+T = select whole track

LALT+A = select track from beginning to cursor
LALT+Z = select track from cursor to end

check them all:
edit => preferences => keys => pattern editor => selection