Selected a track automatically scrolls to center.

Selected a track automatically scrolls to center (optional in preferences). So when switching between mixer and pattern edit the selected track is in the center of that view, this would eliminate a lot of clicking and dragging the scroll bar when changing view, especially when theres a large number of tracks.

Hell yeah!

Optionally then.
You would e.g. not appreciate this behavior when you are copying parts from one track to another and your target track is disappearing as soon as you are clicking the source track…
(in that regard there are enough folks that also do not like the centering of the pattern in the current vertical sense as it works today.)

There could be a workaround for this, something like as soon as you click the scroll bar to move it manually automatic scroll gets disabled until the view is changed to mixer/pattern edit. Its more for when switching to and from mixer/pattern edit to make quick adjustments.

Nah, i rather have some sticky option attached to a shortcut: Either pattern remains centered on all occasions, or if unsticked, cursor can run freely everywhere as in excel mode.