Selected Mixer Channel Could Be More Distinct

I want the mixer-channel i select to be more distinct.

In other words If i select channel 1 I want to see that it is channel 1 that is the active from several meters away. As it is now I can barely notice which one is the active.

Or alternatively… is there a way to change this “selected color” within a theme? I have not found it.



How about something like this…

Please excuse the quick Photoshop! This would be really helpful.

Exactly what I meant! Great illustration thank you!

I can understand if some people think of this as very unnecessary but in a live situation for example I need to be 100% sure of wich channel I am messing with!

Not a bad idea. :)

Hmm I think the Mixer is already quite well illustrated, but perhaps it could be good if the amount of luminescence was adjustable :)

Anything to make it more obvious.

I live in Japan, as some of you may know, and the user-friendly aspect of everything is insane! EVERYTHING is hyper user friendly!

Lets make Renoise as user friendly as possible!

It doesnt have to be ugly or childish. Just really user friendly and nice.

I think the current strip in the mixer should definitely be like this.

029 said something about luminescence which is also really cool

Lets just have it really obvious when we are in the mixer view. Especially as in Renoise, you can see all the tracks at the same time…

it would be nice if the track name had optional background color as well when selected, so it becomes very obvious even when in the pattern view.

Yeah I have suggested this many many times. I agree.