Selecting A Vsti

hi, i’m reporting something to see if i can get others to confirm it.
when you have defined an instrument as a vsti, selecting the instrument (by clicking on the instrument in the instrument browser) creates a note-on. in some cases this wold not be a big deal, but in alot of cases it will cause a note to be endlessly held.

this behavior should not exist. is there something i’m missing?


pbook g4 500mhz
renoise 1.5.1

That the instrumentbox triggers notes, is only enabled when the small “N” icon in the instrumentbox is switched on.

The idea behind that was, that you can then play with the numpad keys as if its a drum pad. Most people simply get confused by this, especially because it also works when selecting a new instrument with the mouse. You also will get the sample problem with looped samples…

So either

  1. we totally remove this “feature”
  2. limit it only to the numpad keys (which send a noteoff, as soon as you release them)
  3. send a note off as soon as you release the mouse button

I`m for 2. Any ideas? Anything I might have missed?

Yeah, number two make sense.
However, why not just remove the entire thing?
And also some time in the future remove the default numpad 1-8 selection keys?
I did a poll once, and only one or two votes out of 30 something used the numpad 1-8 keys to change instruments.
So I hope for some new features for those keys instead :rolleyes: .
Like an extended instrument list, that you could toggle expand/shrink downwards with a key (numpad comma?). An expanded list also make room for tabs (instrurment list, fx list, clip list, sample pool etc), you could switch tabs with numpad 7-9 for instance?
And also, how about ‘virtual’ banks of instruments, that you could have on numpad 2-6, and where numpad 1 showing the entire instrument pool (as today). You could just drag instrument from pool into any of the bank tabs, (to sort our instruments, like bass instruments on bank 1, drums on bank 2 etc), or just create the instrument inside the bank.
This would help me finding the instruments faster in my messy instrument list.

Just suggestions :)

Yes but you also didnt asked in this poll if the other users would use the new default keys for the numpad then :) . Or if they maybe never have used it because they are using a laptop.

You can already now freely assign them. Something like track muting or “bank switching” would be imho as useable as now. Hard to guess if removing the default is really a good idea…

True true,
well I dont care really :)
I have already reconfigured several things on the numpad, as I dont use the default 1-8 selecting.

But obviously most of the default hotkeys on the numpad should have another set of the same hotkeys on the ‘main’ keyboard.