selecting all faders in the mixer

Is there a way to select all faders in the mixer? To turn the volume down so i can put the faders down and then put one fader up to increase of one individual sound. So i keep the balance of all the faders.

Thanks for the answer!

Not that or at least not natively, but you can click the solo button to solo a channel.
If you really need faders to go down, this functionality can still be scripted.

Thanks for the reply! I understand solo, but i need the faders all to go down.

I’ve wanted something similar but to no avail - to be able to “interlock” a left- and right-channel slider and then when you move one the other one follows.

If you’re going to turn them all down, why not turn down Master?

You could put all the faders in a hydra (or hydra of hydras) if grouping or using master won’t work for you.

it’s for if your are mixing a song and your are pushing it to the max, but one sound needs to be louder. What i normally do in other daw, select all the faders but the volume down and the put the single sound a bit louder. So you don’t loose your balance.

Paste this into the Terminal:

local val = -24 ; local track_count = ; for i =1, track_count do[i].postfx_volume.value = math.db2lin( val ) end ;  

Change the -24 in:

local val = -24   

To the dB you want.

Does this apply for all the faders? And terminal you mean mac terminal don’t you?

Every fader including Groups, Masters, and Sends

No. I meant Renoise’s scripting Terminal. See How to Enable the Scripting Developer Tools in Renoise

This is not a “Beginners” answer, but it will get the job done. (and more if you know a bit about code and want to extend the idea.)

Great i will look into that. Thank you!