Selecting Data In Between


lets say you got a chopped up beat in one row, bd+sd+hi… and then you want to move some of the hi hats to another row, is there a way to select in between, like in xp holding down Ctrl + right click

just one more…

is there a way to select all tracks at once from the “song position pointer” position ?


You probably want to split out columns on sections.
The fastest trick to currently do this is by just copy the whole column to another column and cut out what you don’t need from that column using the EditStep and delete out odd or even positions every two or four rows (depending on which row the BD and SD are appearing), then erase the “moved” notes in the source-column using the same trick (depending on which rows the HH are appearing).
You are actually still deleting all notes in both columns manually, but you don’t need to use the cursor keys too much for this operation.

If your percussion is divided across multiple instruments you can cut out non-used instruments through the advanced edit, setting the unwanted instrumentnumber in the “Instrument” section as the “Source” instrument and then click the “Delete” button.

However if you have all your percussion in one instrument (because it is a VST or all samples in one instrument) this trick won’t work out.
You can consider using/implementing this strategy for future projects in case you run up against such challenges.

If you have one track with data on every line, and then would like to move the data on “line” 3+7+18+21, to another track, this is what I mean.

I would like to select them (3+7+18+21) at once and only drag drop once.

Something similar to selective (CTRL-click) instruments / samples feature in the diskbrowser and drag them all into the instrumentslot- or sampleslot area.
Sorry, this is currently not an existing option.