Selecting instruments from midi keyboard

I might be completely retarded, but noodling around with the midi mappings in Renoise, i wasn’t able to get it to select prev/next instrument with program change messages from my midi keyboard.

…how does one go about this? Once again sorry for the n00bness :3

The best way to do this is probably using the Midi Input panel on the left side of the instrument settings. You just set up your instruments on different midi channels, then use your midi keyboard’s channel changing to play different instruments.

Of course depending on your keyboard it could be easier to do it how you described with bindings, but I don’t know how to do that.

hmm…thanks for the tips, but i’d prefer not change midi channels if i don’t have to. Pretty much every midi-compliant hardware responds to program/patch change messages by selecting patches accordingly. I’m just trying to figure out how to get Renoise to do this, if it’s possible. If not, devs please consider this a feature request =)

You can probably add this in GlobalMidiActions.lua

While I completely understand the reason for wanting to do this, The number pad + and - keys works just as fast :)