Selecting only the volume column

I guess not, but I’m asking just in case: is it possible to select only the volume column of a track?

it is not. rather, editing the column is done by selecting the column, then right clicking on the volume checkbox in the Advanced Edit pattern tools.(right side foldout) so only volume is checked. then it serves as a mask for tweaking.
this helps if you want to randomize a selection of notes independently of other parameters.

for the full details:
Advanced Edit

Yes, I know the mask. I’ll see if I can use it for what I want: copying the column of one pattern to others. Thanks.

EDIT: I managed to do it. Thanks a lot!

i wonder if using “volume” mask and “column in pattern” you could ctrl+drag in pattern matrix to make a copy of just the volume column to another matrix slot. i think the content tools maybe only works in the sequencer area.

What I did was this: select “volume” in mask: then copy the column and paste.