Selecting Pattern

Hi everybody!
I’m new to renoise, used to use ableton.
I’m having a few problems at this moment -

  1. I can’t figure out how to view another pattern than the one, the line(?) is at. ex:

Right now I have two patterns in the pattern arranger. If I’m in the first pattern editing notes and stuff, but I want to move to the second, without having to press play, how do I select it?

  1. Is it possible to layer samples in the sample editor? I used to do this a lot in ableton.

  2. If I’m editing drum samples, how do I change the pitch of just one sample in the same instrument?

I’m on a mac by the way


Concerning the patterns: Press ctrl + up/down-arrow to move between patterns. Or use the slider bar near the patternmanager on your left


It’s really embarrassing, that I haven’t been able to figure that out. HAHA. But now I know the BIG secret of Renoise…

But again thank’s a lot!