selecting VSTi in Renoise 3

Hi there,

I just updated from Renoise 2.8 to Renoise 3.

My problem now is, that I can’t select my VSTi (EZdrummer/Toontrack) anymore. Right before the upgrade, I still was able to select it. it was available under VSTi, in the left bottom effects-box.

scanning the ezdrummer-dir in the preferences says, that it does find 1 vst instrument!

The plugin itself is still working for other Applications like Reaper etc…

Is there a new way to select VST-instruments? What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: sorry, forget it. it was expectable that I just found it, after I posted my problem here. I’ll now spend some more time to get used to the new GUI.

Go to the plugin tab (look near the top, just under the metronome icon)

(or just press f7 if you haven’t changed the view presets)

or expand Instrument Properties: