Selection Patterns

Maybe there is some way to do this but I haven’t found it.
But I often find that I need to change something i every 2nd line, or 4:th or 8:th (I think you get the idea).
So would it be possible to add a function where you could select e.g. as a preset, different types of selection-patterns/layouts ?

search the manual for ‘edit step’.

Think he means add to second line (for example) of multiple patterns at once, when the patterns are not the same in other areas so can’t just repeat the same pattern.

I think he means that you drag a selection with your mouse, but you only edit every second line or every fourth line.

Perhaps as a selection mask in advanced edit.

I meant the way that splajn explains it.
Sorry didn’t think about all the ways that my suggestion could be interpreted :)
I guess the problem is the word “pattern”

But yes, basicly creating masks of the selection itself.