Selection Should Move With Undo

I think selections should be undoed when undoing so that if i do and undo I don’t have to do the selection again if doing has moved the selection. (Like when dragging and dropping)

this would be more confusing than helpful in my opinion.

undo must be som how highlited becouse sometimes its confusing not to see what undoing, maybe could be list of undo action, or chekpoint of undoes becouse after playing long pano solo is hart to undo 30 patterns of notes

perhaps telling in the statusbar where the undo has been performed would help:

“undo ‘change value’ on pattern 01, track 02, row 10 performed”

the reference should be the beginning of the selection.

Well I still think that it could be useful for drag and drop, if I accidently drag to wrong place I must go reselecting. Its frustrating.

How would this confuse you? It is a great way to show what and where was undone also, much more straight forward than some cryptic numeric reference.

I agree with Kameleontti. I would also like to see what I undo.
And the most easy way to see that is to center the screen to the “undo-part”.

agree too… when you are undoing in a dev interface(dreamweaver etc) the selection follows

yep, I think thats the usual way “undo” behaves.