Selective Humanize

Maybe I’m suggesting something that is already there, but I haven’t found it. If it’s there, my apologies.

Right now, humanizing a track means having its vol/pan/dly line values modified even if those columns haven’t been used previously. That is a great feature, though more often than not I want to just humanize two of those three values (ie. modify only volume and delay).
My proposition is that there’s a way of working that allows for only visible columns to be humanized, so if for example the track to be humanized is only showing the volume column, only the volume column is humanized, leaving the panning and delay ones untouched.

Open up the Advanced Edit panel in the Pattern Editor, then set your content mask to only include the things you want to humanize. Tip: Right-click the toggles to quickly solo/unsolo everything.

This will affect all pattern based operations like copy, paste, etc., so don’t forget to reset your content mask when you’re done. :)

Oh great, didn’t even cross my mind. :wacko:/>

Thank you dblue.