Selective Interpolation

I think I brought this up years ago but…

It would be so useful if Renoise could play a sample/instrument without the interpolation on. This would allow the user to unlock the lo-fi rez of old chip samples and other old sounds crafted in 2nd gen trackers. I think the response I got before was “why don’t you just use lofimat?” - well, I just doesn’t give the same sound. Lofimat doesn’t produce the same harmonic scaled resonances that un-interpolated samples produce when played really high or in particular really low.

If this could be done then I could finish work on one of my albums that I started all the way back in 2001. The songs really deserve finishing, but it is so soo slow rendering out all the song tracks in FT2 (without interpolation) using FT2’s faulty rendering engine.

I’m sure many oldskool trackers would really dig this feature. I was caused to consider it when I found that the latest version of MadTracker could do it. Not that I’d ever go there, but that’s simply a cool ability. Having ‘selective interpolation’ would be biggest liberator of my 50 something unfinish FT2 gems. I’m sure there’s a few out there that would be in the same boat. Hey, look at us we’re in a boat!

If it could be done on a per-sample-basis or per-track-basis then it would be very cool. Of course, this complicates the exisiting notion of ‘master interpolation’ which, I’m guessing, is easier to implement programming wise. A selective approach would be harder to program, and maybe confusing for newbie users. You could set a default for the interpolation to be on everthing. Then a switch in the appropriate area would do the trick to make the disired sound un-interpolated.

I know most users are looking keenly to the future of music creation with Renoise, such as needing Re-Wire and improved RNI flexibility. But it may be worth considering maintaining heritage elements of tracking that are so unique and unforgettable.

Dear Developers, please consider this unusual feature. :D

Thanks for reading…

I was actually thinking of something similar, but I haven’t really come around to investigate in it and ask about it.

Most of these olskool songs made use of samples sampled in 8-11 kHz and similar. When I spent my time in Impulse Tracker I sometimes wanted some instruments to sounds interpolated and others to not sound interpolated. In Impulse Tracker you could resample the samples to a given frequency rate, inside the program - either with or without interpolation if I rememeber correctly.

Say that you run the tracker with interpolation activated and you have a song with 2 samples, both @ 11 kHz. If you resample the first sample to a higher samplerate, say 44.1 kHz (without interpolation), the sample will get pretty edgy - this will result in that it will sound uninterpolated even though it is interpolated in the soundengine.

Anyway, this is more of a workaround than a complete solution really, but it’s nevertheless a tip. The lower you tend to play your samples, the higher sampleresolution you need (to make it edgy enough even at low samplerates, so that the interpolation won’t do its thing on the sample). I don’t know if there’s an resampler in Renoise like there is in Impulse, but it’s often easily done in a soundeditor of some sort, Sound Forge, etc.

Why would you use FT2 to render the non-interpolated tracks? Why not use Renoise with master interpolation turned off, render the “lo-fi” tracks, then turn on interpolation and render the rest of the tracks and finally just mix it all together?

Anyway, it was just another idea for a workaround for now… I’m not saying that your suggestion wouldn’t be useful.

I would like this too… I like the “hard” sound of Impulse tracker. All the sounds are mixed as they are.

Shouldn’t it also make renoise like 1% faster :) ?

Johan: where is this interpolation switch? I can’t seem to find it? :unsure:

Junoir: Yeah I’ve been down that road lots, but it’s very time consuming. That’s why I’m requesting this feature to be part of Renoise. That would make things so incredibly quick. Even a ‘master’ interpolation on/off like Johan is talking about would be a big bonus. Selective would be the next perfect step after that.

How hard would this be? A 1.6 feature?

Uhh, good question. :rolleyes: I mixed up things here, there’s only dither, soft clipping and the choice between cubic and sinc. When I read it first I was just so convinced that there was a switch… :)

Hey no worries. I’m thinking there used to be a switch… way back in 1.1 or 1.2. If there was one I don’t think I was too fussed on it at the time. And clearly having no option for it now is a concern.

I think the coming of Renoise as a 3rd Gen tracker has made us forget about all our old work in 2nd Gen trackers. Renoise has come along and presented us with VSTs! With proper fidelity! With automation! Why worry about your old rezzy songs from FT2 when you’ve got all this new power? The question is rhetorical for quite a while, and remains so for most people. But I think there’s going to be people like myself who want to acurately remaster their old tunes via import. I have a potential 2 full albums ready and waiting. Having this new feature will mean I’d have them done by the end of the year, easy.

I’m strongly behind this. Who else would like to see this and think it would be useful for their composition?