Selling Beats Online. Anybody Here Doing It?

Is anyone here selling beats through online websites?

I’m going to start selling some non-exclusives and was just wondering if anyone
here was doing the same and what web-sites they’ve had the best luck with.
At the moment I’m looking at and or
I’m already producing for a few artists in my city on spec, just to build a rep, but
would like to sell some online to earn a few bucks.

You mean money and music can co-exist harmoniously?!?!?! :huh:

So far, I’ve been dealing with That and for CD printing.

That’s about it.

I sincerely hope you don’t mean selling loops

Actually, looking at what he said closer, I think he might be talking about just that.

And what about selling 303 samples ?! :D

I wonder how much a good amen could fetch me

Good, amen and how much in one sentence? You have some balls :D

All the 303 samples you’ll ever need.

If you sell one beat for say 5 cents at 92 bpm you make 460 cents per minute, 27600 cents per hour and 662400 cents a day, which is 6624 moneys. Therefore your monthly income would be like 198720 moneys, and you could quit your day job. Even with beat for cent that would make 39744 moneys per month. Then you could control your income by intensifying and relaxing the flow.

Ha ha ha, I’m in the wrong business then.

No I don’t mean selling loops. I mean selling full tracks. Not exclusives, but just tracks I make that I won’t use otherwise. Hasn’t anyone else considered this?

I don’t finish tracks I don’t plan on releasing… I don’t have that much free time :P

That said, I’m sure some people do it.

Sounds like a freelance gig more so than, say, working for a publishing company or specific camp or label.

Music and business… its like that scene from 7even with the pimp and strap-on dildo blade.

Both operate at different levels, mind and body, and who knows maybe we’ll find out that they’re not so different from each other… yeeeah.

I did consider it, even met a few people to discuss a possibility. In the end I said NO. I just had the feeling like I was a used car salesman.

Whispering to a fellow salesman: “watch dis, ahmah gonna pull a fast one on dis city slacker”
Speaking to City Slacker: “dis here track 'll laast ya a lifetime, ah throw in da oil fer free”

Thats just my view. That decision was also probably influenced by my studies of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Übermensch.

I don’t think selling full tracks is an uncommon practice.