Semi-Automatic External Device Out Delay Detection

Now if Renoise 2.8 arrives and has a working latency compensation for external midi gear, there is maybe still the case that a external device still has a minimal output latency by itself. You can compsate such latency then manually by using the instrument latency slider in midi-ext-mode, or the track delay setting in line-ret-mode.

It would imo quite helpful, if there was a small button in the midi instrument box called “detect latency”. Assuming that the midi device plays a sound with 0ms of attack, Renoise could measure this minimal latency until a signal comes in. This would of course only work in line-ret-mode.

So I imagine this in the following way:

  1. You are in line-ret mode, a “detect latency” button is visible in the instrument box
  2. When you click it, Renoise will play a midi note with velocity 127 and measure the time minus the audio interface latency when the signal arrives into the line-in-device.
  3. Renoise will set the track-latency value based on the calculation.