Sen Device Name In Scopes Idea.

  1. Insert in SendTrack (S00) a delay effect and assign at Track02 a SendDevice with Receiver set to S00.

  2. Change the name of the device to “S00 (Delay)”

  3. In SendDevice the name assignet at Receiver change in “S00 (Delay)”, but in Scopes No!!!

No ) - Track02<0
Yes) - Track02<S00 (Delay) ----> My idea

  1. If you insert another send track “S01” and switch the S00 with S01 with Drag and drop in Track02 Scopes sign :

No) -Track02<1 ------> Bug!!!
Yes) -Track02<0

In the Track02 is assigned a SendDevice with delay effect in S00 Not S01!
This is a Bug ?

Look the image: