Send Channels In Groups

Well, I’m not Gandalf the White and my Renoise doesn’t work different from yours. There are still no Send channels in Groups available yet. But you can simulate those.

Instead of routing your group to the sends and putting them together on another Send channel, just clone the track you actually would route to a Send, put your FX chain on the clone and mute the dry signal of it. Quite comfortable, easy to do and keeps things together. Of course you should use this method only, when there’s no CPU eating stuff generating your dry signal. For simple stuff on the track this method works quite well. :)

Hey, i just got curious… what exactly can you achieve sound-wise with this method, that can’t be done with groups and regular send devices?

Nothing. It just helps you to avoid 3 Send Devices and 2 Send channels, when you’re in need to join your group with the Send channel again. Or in short: it keeps your setup tidy.


I used to do send tracks similar to this in Live by having a “source”-track and taking the pre-mixer audio stream into separate “send”-tracks within a group. I miss that very much.

But like you say this is isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s a very practical one nontheless. I can get used to this - thanks for the tip!

What about distorting delay tails and that sort of thing? Jolly useful post i reckon

we need send tracks unfixed from the right of the master and able to be placed into groups as any other channel, or just definitively removed and allowing track inputs (send into track)