Send device

Finally got a hold of rns1.2b and fired it up,
everything seems fine exept some small bugs,
which have been reported already.

The little thing i would like to have added to the,
send device is a mute button for the original track.

So that i can send all bass stuff ie. bassdrum, bassline etc.
onto a send channel and compressing them seperate,
and then add them back onto the masterchannel.

Couse its kinda enoying having to add maxxbass,
to the whole mix (gets VERY muddy).

There is a workaround (though not a very good),

Set the channelvolym to 2%,
then use a 100% send device to your sendchannel.
Add 3 gainers to your send channel and set them to 400%.
Then should have pretty much the same effect as a mute button.

why dont you add one gainer behind the senddevice and set the volume of this gainer to 0 ?

Good point, didn’t think about that 1.

Will do.

since there’s an automatic mute/keep now for sends + multisends, could this ticket’s title be edited to have [done] at the start, @etnoscope ?

Well, 22 years is a pretty deep necrobump :wink::headstone:

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