send metronome to specific output?

hey everyone,

wondering if anyone can help me - i’m preparing to play a bunch of shows with a live drummer, and i’d love to be able to send the metronome click to a separate output so that he can have a click track in his headphones (i.e. without sending to the mains). is this possible?

appreciate any help!

my new record is made almost completely in renoise, btw!


ran into this issue myself recently at a rehearsal,
there is no option for this yet, but an easy fix is to just create a dedicated click-track in your songs,
and route them wherever you want. this way you also have more control of the click, in case the drummer prefers certain behaviour of the click here and there.

but yes, would be nice to have a native routing option for the metronome.

The only way to do it is simply create a metronome track and route that track to an output.
The easiest way to get one quick without having to duplicate the whole bunch is just render to sample the first quarter and put it in a loop and autoseek and simply fire it on the first line of the first pattern.

thanks guys,

ended up following this advice, and it’s been working great. added advantage is i can tweak the click sound in each song.