Send Midi Cc To Specific Vsti Via Script?

Is it possible to send midi CC data to a specific VST instrument with a script?

My problem is this: I can only reliably use my homemade Pluggos with the native Max sliders (Pluggo interface -> crash).

I want to be able to save a preset in my Pluggo - without an interface (with buttons and the like) this seems tricky. In my Pluggo I thought about using CC#0 for preset storage, with the preset location defined by the controller value. Could I script a menu item that would send [CC#0 Val=x] to my Pluggo VSTi?

Sorry for the noobish question - I’m happy to teach myself how to do it but don’t want to waste hours to find out it can’t be done.



Forgive me for asking, but why do you need to do this with a script?

It seems like what you want to do can already be achieved with Renoise’s existing MIDI-Control Device:

That would work, but it would mean using two sliders to do it! One to choose the preset number, and another to apply it. If I just sent a single CC, I’d overwrite existing presets when scrolling through the numbers.

Hope that makes sense…

Yeah, I see what you’re getting at now. From a design point of view, would it not be more sensible to use two separate controls though?

In my mind, you would have one CC to represent a selector which lets you choose a value from 0-127.

Then you would have another CC to represent the ‘button’ to trigger the save function. A ‘button’ value from 0-63 represents the ‘off’ state, while 64-127 represents the ‘on’ state. You monitor the value, and then when it transitions from ‘off’ to ‘on’, you trigger your save function.

I think separating your controls this way might be better in the long run, and would remove the potential of accidentally scrolling through presets with a single control and overwriting them.

Anyway, regarding the scripting, I sadly still haven’t had much time to get into it. :( I assume that something will be possible via OSC though.

After re-reading my reply I realised that we’re both thinking the same way. The two separate controls is better and more flexible, especially for integrating physical controllers further down the line.

Now I can’t for the life of me get Pluggo patches to store internal presets.

But I have accidentally discovered that Renoise’s own “Program” dropdown menu actually stores tweaked parameters within a song! If only there was a way of automating the instrument’s program change box!!!

still thinking on it…

You can send a program change command easily with the MIDI-Control Device linked to your instrument.

Whether or not the instrument actually responds to this is a different question. Unfortunately not all plugins respond to the MIDI program change, but I’m guessing you will be able to code this into your custom Pluggo instrument?

Use the hydra to control two midi control devices :)