Send Sometimes Stops To Work After A While

Renoise 2.5.0 on Windows XP SP3, using ASIO.

I’m doing a song where I’ve added a send-device on some of the tracks. On the send-track in question, I’ve added a gainer-device. Then on the kick/bd-channel, I’ve added a signal follower to sidechain the gainer of the send-track. All well and fine, and I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the problem:

On two occasions, both yesterday and today, after working some hours on a project, the send-channel for some reason dies in producing audio. It’s like the audio on the send-track is not routed back to the master. Visually it looks like it is supposed to, I don’t spot any abnormalities. When I save the song and load it up again, the send track works fine, so it’s not such a big deal, and it isn’t easy to recreate the bug either because of this. I am just wondering if anyone else have bumped onto this?

I’ll try to investigate this more if it happens again, to see if I can pinpoint what is going on.

do you use any other DSP devices on the send track ? Maybe a DSP or VST dies after a while and the effect is silence on the whole send track. I had this problem a while ago

Airmann: Ah, good question. The answer is no, the gainer-device is the only device on the send-track, disabling/enabling it didn’t affect anything either.

It just happened again. Just while in the middle of editing an effect-parameter. Investigation time


Okay, the send track (let’s call it S01) itself seems to work fine, but only one (1) of the 9 send devices that sends to S01 actually works. The other ones behave like they are sending to null.

I also have a S02 (with no devices at all on). I haven’t used it in the arrangement and it uses no effects, but I can send to it using any of the 9 send devices without any problems.

Upon saving and reloading the track, the send-devices can send to S01 again.

do you use any specific VST effect into the send tracks?

It-Alien: If I understand you right, this was what Airmann asked me before - so no, there are no VST-effects on the send-tracks (S01 and S02). There are of course VST-effects on some of the tracks where I have also put the send-devices.

The only connection I can see regarding this is that I was adjusting a parameter on a VST-effect (Classic Auto-Filter) which was in the same effectchain as a send-device, routed to S01. But that doesn’t explain why the other 7 send-devices (going to S01) also stopped working while one last send-device still worked correctly.

whoops sorry, I didn’t get what Airmann meant at first. this is pretty unexplainable to me

Does the kick track have a VST/VSTi on it? Maybe it went dead, not the send.

insanity: Nope, no VST’s on the kick-track either. The only thing on the kick-track was a Signal Follower-device and also a Gainer-device.