Send Split Effect Colours The Sound

Probably not a bug , but I noticed that the send splitter effect slightly colours the sound .
I think effect is is based on all pass filters right ? , I am making some stuff in reaktor based on allpass filters ( phaser ) and it 's shift the phase of the signal …seems that the send /split effect also shift the phase of the signal .thus slightly colours the sound , best noticeable on a single saw wave , then drag some sliders on the effect and look at the oscikloscope

Yep it’s been discussed a lot when the mb device appeared, there’s a problem of group delays, phase shift, inversion in the mid band, especially with the LR2 model, in some situations, and it comes from the way this filter natively works, that’s why the dev team decided to provide more alternative filter models in the device, that you can select, if the LR2 doesn’t work as expected. But there are anyway probably other side effects with those alternative filter models, that are somehow probably slower, I didn’t exactly checked all of them, I’ve just checked that they fix the phase inversion bug, nothing else.

I’ll add that there’s a difference between the way the (LR4 / LR8) and the way the FIR-type filters distribute audio data in the 3 send channels. The FIR (finite impule response, preferable to an IIR type but requiring more CPU power) seem to directly apply an early fix of some slight DC shift before it goes to the receivers send channel, while the LR seem to work it out lately when summing the 3 signals. In the end, it’s supposed to be the same result. Anyway, since I can use now my 4 cores, and 64bit renoise on win7 I’d logically choose FIR-type filters.

If you want to use this device in a multiband compressor system, I recommend you to add it in your mix setup before you start to compose anything, and not after, when your music is done. Because you’re right the filters can add a slight coloration to the incoming sound, and adding it on the top of an unprepared mix setup would require you to redefine everything (EQs, filters) in your individual tracks, to compensate this coloration.