send track problem

So I am not new to renoise, but I should know better. I have a track where I need to get all the stems so they can be sent to a mastering engineer. The thing is, all of the tracks are sent to one send track to make filter drops a lot easier and less work. Is there anyway I can separate the tracks after they’ve been sent to a send? Or will I need to get rid of the send track to be able to render each track in a separate wav file?

You can create multiple send tracks. You can specify the amount that will go into the send track and keep the original so you`ve got both, if you wish. Every track incl. ervery send etc. will be rendered as a single track if you activated that option.

No, you cant. You have to use filter for every track individually if you wanna to have every track filtered individually. It is how things work and i dont know about any daw that does it different way.
Or you can just solo every track and render it through the send and then you will have individually filtered samples.