Send Track To Another Track

Does implementing the capability to send one track to another track can solve the side chaining problem?

and also:

When you start a song with a bassline on channel 1 with a compressor and an EQ on it, and a leadline on channel 2 with a distortion and bit crusher on it, and then you realise that in the middle of your track that a sequence can be really cool if you apply the effects of channel 2 to channel one (and keeping the channels’ one effects)
What is the solution?
cutting pattern chain of channel 2, pasting on a send track then send channel 2 to send track and send channel one to send track…

With a “send to track” would that be easier?

Sends do not solve the side-chain issue. See the tips and tricks forum for discussions on this.

With the hypothetical you’ve described using a send would be best. You could use a ‘mute’ Send to S1 on both #1 and #2, turn it on using the NF01 command (where N=vst No. in each chain) during the desired passage in the song.

In that case I’d have NF00 at the very start of the song in both #1 and #2’s code. And similarly have NF00 at the end of the desired passage.

I bet the next renoise version will have sidechaining capacity build in, and life will be sweet for untz untz music fanatics.