Send Trax

Is there a quick way to send several tracks to a send track? I’ve had the idea to apply for example filter to all tracks except for one or two but it would mean putting the send device in like 15 tracks. Is there a quicker way to do this or do i have to do this the hard way?

At this point you would have to do it the hard way.
As you don’t want to put on the master track?

It is on the master track for the time being but i want certain tracks not included in the effect. Could they be excluded from effects on master track maybe?

A little workaround could be to bypass the master by routing a track to another ASIO channel.


But i think it’s not too hart do make 15 doubleclicks with mouse :) :rolleyes:

the fastest way is to create a send device, set it with the wanted settings, then rightclick it and copy its parameters, then create the other send devices, rightclick them and paste the settings.

This way, at least, you will save some time