Sending Keystrokes From Vbscript, Does It Work?

i wrote an midi ox script to arm renoise for recording. unfortunately, renoise seems not to recieve any emulated strokes. anyone knows somthing about that?

I doubt that you can hack into the DirectInput routines that Renoise uses.
Renoise does not use the ordinary COMMDLG controls but uses DirectX.
What you could do is making your VB routine some kind of master host that enslaves Renoise and then let your program send transport commands (SPP that is !!) to Renoise, i think you will have more success using that (If you use Midi controls on a MIDI-device that is not in use by Renoise).

hey there vV, thanks for your reply!

Ok, good to know why it is’nt working

this is the bayan Vines sequenced package protocol, right?
i was reading about that now, but it is way too difficult for me.

does this statement mean, that there would be another solution? like midi sysex message or something?
i was searching the forum about that but found nothing…