Sending MIDI messages. Note on/ off and CC in pattern editor

Hello everyone. My name is Steve. I live in Peckham, London and came to Renoise because I used to use Protracker and Octamed on the Amiga and love the Tracker style of composition. I still think its better than the horizontal approach. :wink:

I am having difficulty understanding how to SEND MIDI messages out of Renoise via the pattern editor. I have a USB to MIDI cable I am using going toa Kenton MIDI to CV converter.

I have set up an instrument, now what do I do? I have looked at the MIDI effects WIKI page but don’t quite get it. Sorry for being thick. :blink:

Any help appreciated. x

Here’s the page to look at:

There are routing options on the left side of the screen, those are the ones you need to configure.

OK thanks. !! OK how do i get to that screen???

OK thanks. !! OK how do i get to that screen???

Look for the Tabs under the metronome. You’ll be using those a lot. The first set is Edit and Mix, then there’s a set of three: Sampler / Plugin / MIDI.

If you look in the pic in the link above, you’ll see 'em. Note the MIDI tab is the active tab.

ok but I dont see it. I am running renoise 2.8.0 on a 32 bit machine.

theres a pic of the screen as an attachment.

Ah! Well, I’m afraid I can’t help you with 2.8. I used it back then, but it’s been too long. You need Renoise 3 … also uh, if you have a license for 2.8, you should have one for 3?

I am running renoise 2.8.0

Renoise 3.1 is the latest version, so that’s what you’re seeing in the Wiki/Manual.

If you’re just using the demo you can grab the latest version from the main website.

If you’re a licensed user you can grab your full copy from the Backstage area.

If you don’t fancy upgrading to 3.1 for whatever reason, the MIDI out settings in 2.8 can be found under the Instrument Settings tab in the lower panel.