Sending Midi Signals To Cooledit Pro 2


I use Cooledit pro 2 to sample live played loops which i then use in Renoise. I was just wondering if somebody has managed to get Renoise send some kind of midi data to Cooledit so that, for example in the beginning of every pattern, a cue marker would be inserted to the wave that’s being recorded. And could tell me how it works. It would be very handy in synchronizing things. Inserting cue marker can be done by pressing f8-key in Cooledit, but it’s not so accurate and more importantly, not automatic.

Thanks, Wolfi Staudinger

you dont need that, all you need is to setup cooledit to record on a midi-signal so it starts recording when you start playback in renoise. after that, you can enter the bpm of the recorded waveform to match the one of your song and using “snap to beats/frames” you can cut out bars pretty precisely.

hello again!

thanks a lot! i actually got the system i originally meant working by using loopbe1 (virtual midi cable). it’s a pretty handy system as well. just set up a certain midi note to trig the cue marker and make a corresponding trigger track to renoise’s startup song and things couldn’t be any easier. of course snap to cue markers has to be on. i put one note to the first step, one to 32nd and one to 48th so that splicing in the middle of the pattern or one bar before pattern’s beginning (count in or something) is easy too. i’d say this is a method worth trying :)

wolfi staudinger

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