Sending midi start in the beginning of every pattern


Is it possible to send midi start message every time pattern starts? What I`m trying to do is set my sooperlooper in sync with Renoise while Renoise is continuously playing. Just like right cmd does but without tapping my keyboard.-.-.-.-.

Have you checked Preferences -> MIDI -> Master Clock ?

It should be possible to send start/stop and much more from here…

By default everything is on. Renoise starts sending midi start message when playing starts. What I would like to accomplish is that Renoise will retrigger midi start every time pattern starts.

Does it have to be MIDI start?

I wanted to coordinate Renoise with an OSC application. My initial hope was to send an OSC message at the start of each pattern. Turns out that is not easily doable.

I ended up creating a timing track that only sent MIDI notes to a virtual device (i.e. it did nothing audible in Renoise) , and changed my OSC program to also listen for MIDI messages. The upside was that it was easy to pair MIDI notes with different events in the OSC app. (The OSC program was doing graphics, and they were to be timed to a Renoise song).

I don’t know offhand how flexible SooperLooper is mapping arbitrary MIDI messages to events.

However, you’ve piqued my interest. : )

My only knowledge in OSC is that I have been using Osculator to transform wiimote to midi and that midi to Sooperlooper handle record stop with some success. I believe Sooperlooper is quite able in dealing midi. If using OSC maybe need something in between? Nothing against but midi would be easier.

My setup is Jack>sooperlooper>Renoise where Renoise is master and Sooperlooper is slave. I`d like to use Renoise to cut off loop tails by retriggering midi start and soon as I get this working for meny other things… cutting loops in half and so on. Noise playing in the background of course!

SooperLooper handles OSC fine, but my issue was that I could not see how (short of some deep clever coding) to get Renoise to send an OSC message at the start of each pattern. (Actually what I wanted was to send OSC every 8 or 16 or 32 beats; I planning on doing evenly-timed beat juggling and needed a way to track measures despite bouncing among pattern points.)

My receiving program was set up to accept OSC, but adding MIDI handling was easy so I instead had my song use a dedicated MIDI track to send notes to my program. This program could than track the number of “beat” notes it received and when “beat_note_count % 32 == 0” (or the like) take some action.

Oh, very nice. I need to go crank up SooperLooper again, some that I have a better understanding of OSC, MIDI, etc.

So… it`s NOT? possible to send midi start in every pattern start in renoise???

Might be possible in other ways? Counting notes while pattern editor is playing? sending info somewhere:fain!t
This gives me headache but its not a problem im used to it… ###whitenoise###.

Your juggling idea sounds really nice and some what similar to what I´m planning, have you got it working? How are you controlling it?

Would`t it be nice just send midi start and do tempo tap c:

I do not know. I never tried. I instead used regular notes, and the receiving program was configured to respond in different ways to different notes.

I looked into doing that with Lua but gave up.

I wrote a program called OSC Scripter. It grew out of some testing and development tools I wrote to help me when writing programs that use OSC.

It has assorted features, including a way to extend it using helper files. Also, it not only emits OSC (based on whatever script you give it) but has an OSC server, so you can send it commands to change its behavior.

I created a script that would control a Processing sketch to do some animation. I wanted different parts of the animation to change in time to a Renoise song. I looked into having Renoise send an OSC message for every 8 or 16 lines that were played regardless of the current line pointer location. I could not figure out a way to do this.

However, sending arbitrary MIDI notes is easy. I added a module to my OS Scripter script to have it be a virtual MIDI device. I added a track to the Renoise song routed it to send the notes to my OSC Scripter program. That program, in turn would look at what nots it received and execute a matching function.

I didn’t use CC messages or MIDI stop/start. I used regular notes.

If you are playing a song straight through from start to end, no jumping around, it may be fairly easy to send OSC with the current line location, and you can use that to track how many measures have been played. But I was jumping around in my song, so the current line by itself was not useful.

It looks like SooperLooper lets you map any MIDI message, be it a note or a CC, to a command.

So you could do what did and just have a timing track that send a particular note at the start or end of a pattern, and map that note to a looping command.

Thanks for your effort in helping me.

Hoped that I could find easier way of doing this (way that do not include scripting).

Maybe there is? Anybody? Have others encountered problem like this?

You do not need scripting. I used it for my purposes, but all you have to do is set up a MIDI track and have that track set up to send its notes to SooperLooper. Then map those specific notes to SooperLoper commands.

Ok… how do I set up midi track? Then i put c-400 in pattern editor and set sooper looper to hanle it as rettrigger midi start?

Ok I got it woking! Many thanks Neurogami. Just needed to name my track MIDI and enable thinking mode :)
Still would like it not to trigger while I`m recording to sooperlooper :(

I was trying to smoothen “loop” start and end with fade pattern command: wrong. It works by automating line in devise!

Now Im working with multiple patterns and navigation between them without losing playing sequence position with different lenght patterns. That seems impossible by now. Maybe controlling block loop woud do the trick but Ill lose my smoothing volume automation.

Thanks to you again Neurogami I can use my midi controller as foot switch by sending MIDI notes to sooperlooper! That I did nt realize I could. Sadly there is no reason for buying foot controller right now. Anyway soon Ill get it most probably fcb1010 with UnOMOd. thank you!