Sending multiple MIDI channels from a VST to a hardware device

I have an external midi device that expects input on 4 midi channels, one for each sound. I’ve developed a Reaktor patch that processes midi input and plays multiple sounds in unison, which involves sending note/cc data to multiple channels from one Reaktor instance. I’m routing the midi output from Reaktor to a midi out instrument, and it works fine for one channel (the one that is selected in the instrument settings), but it does not allow me to send data to multiple channels. Is there a solution or workaround to this?

From Renoise I think not. From a custom script maybe. I do not know…

I’m not very familiar with the MIDI output. Yes with the MIDI input.
You can check the API available for the MIDI output (Renoise.MIDI.API.lua and Snipets/Midi.lua).

For the MIDI output, I suppose it is possible to link to an external MIDI device to send MIDI messages or sysex messages, you can iterate to repeat the same thing on more than one device. That is, send the same signal to several midi devices at the same time (output [1], output [2], output [3], output [4]).

Now, if the theme is to use the same device (same output [1]) and use the first 4 MIDI channels, you can probably do controls, each for a channel.

An example would be to create 5 equal buttons, 1 and 2,3,4,5. The buttons 2,3,4,5 should each be routed to a MIDI channel manually (with CTRL + M). From button 1, execute at the same time what buttons 2,3,4,5 do, which should send the same signal to separate channels.

They are just some ideas. Personally I have never come to create a script for that purpose and I do not know if such an approach would work.

There is not much information about creating scripts for the MIDI output. With Renoise it’s really hard to customize the behavior for such a MIDI device to do such a thing in particular. A different thing is the MIDI input, which depends on what Renoise is able to do, not what the MIDI device in question is capable of doing.