Sending Note-off On Selected Instrument Change

I’m writing on behalf of my friend forum user FSX, who phoned me and will be probably unable to write here for a while.

in live situations, he uses Renoise as a MIDI controller for his hardware and has this problem:

he uses the numpad to change the selected instrument during live session; what bothers him is that the currently playing notes which have been previously live-triggered, do not get a note-off when the selected instrument changes.

if an automatic note-off would annoy someone (I don’t think so), he askes if this behaviour could at least be optional.


an alternative solution he has just suggested: the note-off could be sent if the user selects the same instrument twice

…but then when you have a hanging note live, you’re expected to browse through the instrumentlist and try to find the correct instrument, what if you have a lot of instruments!?

I too like a solution for hanging notes while playing live, I use vsti that often hang when playing with the keyboard and switching in the instrument list…

Usually this is because you start to play a note, then switch while playing and then releasing the keys.
So the note-off is then being send to the switch instrument (while this is bogus).
I consider this more or less a bug, but this behavior exists quite some time already.

The only place where a solution (auto note-off to previous instrument before swapping to a new one) might hurt is when you are auto-capturing instrument during track-hopping. This might cause unwanted note-off’s send to the currently captured instrument, so also this situation has to be tackled.

the alternate implementation described in my second post should be a solution, shouldn’t it?

Releasing the key would be the same solution:in both cases you know exactly what you are doing, the other situations are when you are not aware of what happens or you simply forgot you had to release the key prior to switching, the latter case can just be pretty annoying.

Selecting the same instrument twice won’t do it unless you mean selecting the same new (you wrote unclear to me on this point) instrument twice should send a note-off to the previously selected instrument.
It would solve that yes. I just hope that is easy to implement.

suppose instrument 00 is playing.

what I mean is press numpad 2 twice in order to select instrument 01.

at the first press, instrument 01 will be selected, while at the second press, being instrument 01 already selected, Renoise will send a note off to all currently playing notes; possibly, only to those which have been triggered live.