Sending Notes to VST Effects

I think it would be cool if you could send notes to VST effects. I know the VST standard allows for this and a few effects (a vocoder I have, for example) need it. Maybe you could have the ability to add a note column to a send track and that gets sent to the VST effect on said send track or something.

Just an idea.

some times ago i thougt it’s possible - but you are right … this is a missing feature … maybe it could be possible with the vstautomated device with an additional option (SENDING NOTES FROM TRACK xx) … don’t know …

the other way ; sending a signal to VSTi
is important to.

these two are standard.

This is actually not a dumb idea at all: Sending MIDI notes to a VST FX if the FX supports it. Some VST FX support this (Pentagon VST FX is one of them - yes Pentagon VST FX not VSTi).
This works as follows: You need an Audio Signal as an input to such a VST FX. However, the VST FX is not triggered until it receives a MIDI Note.

I suggested that to the Renoise Team long ago and it was a part of my suggestion to have a MIDICCFxDevice that allows to automate a VST FX via Midi Controllers.
The twist on the MIDICCFxDevice as I suggested it is that we should be able to enable MIDI Note On/Off, and when enabled it should be able to receive MIDI Notes via MIDI Note Command on the track. For example, if MIDI Note ON/OFF is enables, user uses a Note slider on MIDICCFXDevice. The note chosen is copied on the row in the form of a MIDI Note Command representing the MIDI Note that user chose on the Note slider. And Voila :) We have a midi note sent to the VST FX which triggers the FX on the Audio sample that gets modulated with the Midi note sent.
Hopefully, we see someting like that in Renoise. This is cutting edge VST technology.