Sending OSC to Duplex Monome64...not responding.


I think there is a simple answer to an issue I’m having with Duplex.

I’m trying to send OSC control messages out of a patch in Puredata, to control the Monome64 matrix in Duplex. Port output in my patch is set to 8000, OSC input in duplex set also to 8000. Prefix set to ‘/box’.

I’m sending it messages like:

/box/grid/led/set 0 1 1

…to no avail.

However, I have no trouble when enabling the Renoise OSC server, and sending it transport messages, etc.

Does anyone here have experience with sending OSC messages into the Monome64 Duplex script?



What are you trying to obtain by going through Duplex? Are you coding your own application that does something in Renoise, or just trying to toggle the lights on the monome?

As it states on the tool page:

Basically, all Duplex applications are two-way, between Renoise and the hardware: Either Renoise is telling the monome to update, or monome telling Renoise to update. And since the bundled applications would need to work across all installations, they are limited to just Renoise (“plug and play”).
But of course, Duplex could be integrated in more complex setups. In your case, you are taking Pure Data into the game?

Sorry, I know this didn’t answer your question

Let me clarify what I’m trying to do. Basically this is a continuation from this topic:

Tenori-on Midi Mapping

I’m trying to remap each button on a Yamaha Tenori-on, to send Monome standard SerialOSC commands. I’ve built a patch in Puredata to handle the incoming events from the Tenori-on, and at this point I’m just trying to make sure that I am sending the correct OSC commands out of Puredata…I’m using the Monome64 duplex map for this purpose.

SerialOSC and deprecated Monomeserial commands are detailed here:

Monome SerialOSC & Monomeserial

My understanding is that if I send Duplex an OSC message like:

/box/grid/led/set 0 1 1

…it should light up button X0 Y1 on the Monome64 map. So far I’ve been unable to get this to work! I’m not exactly sure where to go from here…I guess I was hoping that someone with a bit of PD experience could try sending messages out of PD and into the Duplex Monome64 mapping…to see if it works, or if I’m just going about it entirely the wrong way…

Let me know if you have any ideas, and thanks! :)


[EDIT] I should mention, that I am receiving OSC messages out of renoise (from the Duplex Monome64 map) just fine…

[EDIT]Also I went into the Monome.lua script, and adjusted line 25 to read:
self.comm_protocol = self.SERIALOSC

[EDIT] I installed Liblo, and have been tracking the OSC messages coming out of puredata. They are coming out correctly!

Forgot to mention here, that I am conducting these tests under OSX.

I’ve got it working!! I was sending the incorrect commands. Should’ve been sending…

/box/grid/key 0 1 1