Sending Program Change to VSTi?

hey guys,

i’m trying to control VSTi bank/program changes through script - but i can’t figure out a way to send midi messages to VSTi.

i know there is the “Instr MIDI Control” meta device - is there a way to send similar messages through scripting? seems like the MIDI section of the Renoise API only describes dealing with external midi devices (unless i’m reading it wrong?)

any help would be appreciated! thanks,


So far i haven’t really seen a way to send custom made midi messages to instruments other than just sending them through a virtual midi-output cable in an instrument set as “external” midi device that gets back into one of the Renoise MIDI in devices in generic or in the Midi in properties of the instrument. I have been able to reroute stuff back into Renoise through 3rd party drivers like copperlan