Sending To A Itself Should Be Allowed

Just got this message when trying to route a sendtrack to itself: “Warning: Sending to a itself is not allowed”


I figured this would be ideal for making a custom delay that degenerates more with each echo or something… but for some reason, Renoise won’t allow it. So yah… sendtracks routing to themselves should be allowed :P

No shitting whatnow? You should really stay off the cracks kaneel.

I’d love to route send tracks backwards for more flexibility.

I’d also like to have a metadevice that works like the Mixbox VST, but operates with less lag. Mixbox allows you to send audio from one instance of the VST to another.

I think there’s a technical reason behind not allowing sendtracks to route to themselves.

Would be a cool thing to have, to make weird dsp loops, of course with warnings all over the place.

so there’s a little bit of feedback… so what :D

I do have to say though, if proper effect routing were implemented, there’d be no need for this… but yeh :P

If you understand the idea of peeing in your own beer while drinking it, you might understand why routing back to it’s own channel won’t taste funny either.

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somehow this reminds me of a geiger rendition of gay sex.

all i have to say about this is, becareful what you wish for. hearing is a valuable assett!

freq loops are fun, but best not to be done on expensive hardware!

I would be adding a delay to the signal keep in mind ;)

I really think you SHOULD be able to send something to yourself!

Like, when I sit at home, I write a letter, put it in an envelope, and I write my own adress on it, and put it in a mailbox, the next morning, YAY! I’ve got a letter!

Sends sending to themselves isn’t a particularly good idea. There are better ways to facilitate feedback. The thing with feedback is it is almost always exponential unless you put an active stop to it, and with the current toolkit i have no idea how you’d set up a DSP chain that self feeds WITHOUT having exponential feedback, no matter what kind of delay you put on it.

As an experiment, hook up the aux out of a mixer to one of its inputs and give it just a tiny, tiny bit. Then hold your ears/run for the hills or whatever.

You can add a limiter, compressor and other things to control it.
Any fx can make very strange and cool sounds when looped.

Btw you can do this with a vst like senderella.

Well, just keep Senderella in your vstlist as you would probably use it a lot more Next Edition as well.