I like the idea of sendtracks. However I would like to redirect some tracks to one sendtrack without also sending their outputs directly to master. I have not been able to do that in 1.2b2. Am I missing something?

If it is indeed not possible, I would like some functionality so it will become possible. For instance I would like to send my multi-track drumbeat through the same compressor to the master output, without also sending them to master directly.

Nice extra functionality would be the ability to see (in the scopes, or in the trackeditor), which channels are being redirected. Renaming sendtracks and having them show up in the scopes would be nice aswell. Maybe even being able to hide tracks that are being redirected… introducing some sort of multi-level track hierarchy :)

I would, at the same time, like to urge y’all developers to always make a good tradeoff decision between performance and functionality so that renoise will remain a lean mean music machine. I’d rather not have some nifty features if it would significantly reduce performance. Keep up the good work!

Just insert a gainer (set it to 0%) after the SendDevice.
Remember this is just a normal chaine.
The signal will first go to the SendDevice then trough the gainer and to the master. (Trackvolume —> SendDevice —> Gainer —> Master)

Drawback of suggested method is that you don’t see the trackscopes for the tracks with gain 0 anymore.
I would still like to see sendtracks in the scopes and be able to rename. Maybe give them a different color to differentiate them from normal tracks.

Don’t really care if the send channels show up in scopeview or not.

but one really usefull thing would be the ability to route the send channels,
to some other outputs than just the master (if you have an multioutscard).

And another thing is that when using a send device,
it seems that even when using 100% send ,
the send channels sound is alot lower,
than if i’d just add an effect on the original track.
I have to use a gainer on the send channel,
to get the proper amount of effected sound.

just to make it perfectly clear ofcourse i use 100%wet fx,
on the send channels…

If it is like that - why are you using the send channel? I think the send channel is perfekt for some low reverb which mustn´t be very intensive…