Sensible way to BPM automate w/ Ableton as rewire master?

I’m starting to use Renoise for live performances rather than rendering multitracked WAVs from renoise for use in Ableton. For my purpose, renoise needs to be able to send audio channels to ableton, and ableton has the final master output. As far as I can tell, there is not a way to send audio channels from renoise to ableton when renoise is set to rewire master.

In the renoise rewire documentation, it states “Full Transport Sync: Any changes to the time-line in Renoise and the ReWire master will be synced. This is very useful for creating a song in multiple applications at once.”

“Any changes” does not correlate to ZTXX commands or tempo automation envelopes; these are ignored when renoise is a rewire slave, and as far as I can tell, only changing the bpm value manually in the top-left box makes any changes to the rewire master bpm.

I can set up automation in ableton to set the tempo, and have a separate row with tempo automation prescribed for each renoise track which would be a little effort and preparation. However, some of my renoise tracks make heavy use of ZTXX, so drawing envelopes in ableton to line-up with where those ZTXX commands would otherwise occur would not be desirable.

Ideas/Suggestions? When renoise is set to rewire master, ZTXX controls ableton’s bpm fabulously, I just can’t send audio from renoise to ableton, and when ableton is slave, other ableton features are disabled like maxforlive and the launchpad.

Also, make sure you run both in administrator mode in windows :stuck_out_tongue:

I determined that I could use, within renoise, the Instr MIDI Control device and my midi loopback of choice to control/sync the bpm directly in ableton and renoise simultaneously. This is better than trying to use the wobbly midi clock as the tempo is hard-set and sync’d rewire style. One small drawback is to get whole numbers for BPM, I need to limit the tempo range between BPM and BPM+127. This should work fine for most purposes, though.

Also, I can probably rig something up with liveosc and/or pd to add both a set-bpm capability, and add/subtract to bpm. Sometimes I really want to go to 999 during a performance