Separate Loopmarkers, For Left & Right Channel In Sample Editor


Something that occasionally bugs me when tracking in renoise, is that I can’t seem to get click-free sounds when looping stereo samples that aren’t perfectly in phase (left & right channel don’t line up). Even though you have this nice little ‘loop fine editor’, or snap to 0-crossing, some samples seem impossible to get glitch free looping out of.

Maybe by introducing separate loop-points for every channel in a stereo file, this could be helpful for fine-tuning sake? Maybe I’m completely wrong and this wont do anything other then create more glitches,…actually then even better since glitches can be cool to. :slight_smile:

No really, are there applications that have this implemented? In my fantasy it sounds useful, but maybe it is crap.

why can’t can allign the separate the L/R chanels with the tools the editor provides you?I
t’s sample accurate …

No that would possibly remove an important part of the timbre of the sample (remove the phasing effect). You see, I don’t want to remove the effect / alter the way the sample actually sounds, I just want to have more control over the looppoints to remove clicking. Does that make sense??

Other then it being a possible solution for specific phase free looping, I bet the adventurist sample manipulator could benefit from this new feature as well.

Stereo snapping different parts in a beat, maybe have the left channel ping pong versus a normal looping right channel. There are many options to experiment with.

edit: by the way, it isn’t possible right now to stereo edit separate channels in Renoise, so how would you propose to easily allign the L/R channels?

That’s a really interesting idea. This kind of effect would be very sonically clean


I don’t think this would work: I thought about this in the past and looping along two different paths for right and left channel would almost certainly result in inharmonic results.

surely this could be interesting from a point of view, but nothing that could lead to a “sonically clean” result.

Well, I think so, if the effect was used the right way.
Any sampled waveforms with channel-separated pitch can be hard to loop, since it can have a slightly different left and right waveform length. Ever tried building a synth patch with a “wide” sound? Often, this is achieved by placing each, slightly detuned, oscillator in the (more or less) extreme left/right panning position.
With this feature, such a sample could actually be looped properly (and it would sound more like a synth than a sample!).

But no doubt that it would be tricky to actually make the sample editor work this way.

Leave that to the genius that is taktik :slight_smile:

The way I see this is that you could do this manually when the new RNI structure is done.
Then you simply separate left and right channel in a stereo sample into two different mono samples. Then you set loop point for each of them. The new layering system would make it easy to trigger both samples at once (panned left/right).

This is nothing new. Soundfont and many other older formats use separate left/right samples to make stereo sound, where each file have separate properties.

This is great to do with longer samples. On very short samples you might experience phasing problems.
This also heavily depends on the stereofield of the sample.

In general, to make perfect loops the best way IMO is to use manual crossfade in a multitrack editor.

sounds good enough for me!