Separate Subforum For Hardware Talks?

As the title says, how about a new subforum dedicated to audio hardware (e.g. sound cards, MIDI equipment, speakers, amps etc) related advice, tips, reviews, and questions in general? The final decision is, of course, up to board admins, but it’d be interesting to know.

Edit: Yes, only Renoise-related content (H/W compatibility issues and such) was what I had in mind.

Personally I’m not sure if it would fit here on a forum which is dedicated specifically to Renoise. I think it would be better suited to a more general audio forum such as KvR Audio (which does in fact have a pretty active hardware subforum).

A separate thread to handle specific Renoise related hardware questions may be a good consideration. Not only to move bugs that relate to audio hardware or their drivers (and how Renoise reacts to them) but also advise and tips for use of hardware regarding Renoise.

Sure. If it was related directly to Renoise and things like trouble-shoothing then I say go for it.

If it’s just for general hardware discussions like “which speakers are best” or “which mixer is best for doing live shows”, etc., well that feels a bit off-topic to me, and of course we already have a nice little off-topic forum to handle those posts.

I think it’s a good Idea so that people can talk about special Renoise related problems with their hardware.
and also talk about different applications of the hardware in Renoise.

the only thing we need is a well thought title.